EROS-C, the latest member of ISIs EROS-NG™ constellation, is a state-of-the-art earth observation satellite, with superb image quality providing ultra high-resolution imagery. It is designed to support the most demanding operational challenges defense & intelligence organizations are presently facing.

The satellite was launched into an inclined orbit path, resulting in high revisit rate and diverse imaging time, enhancing its intelligence gathering capabilities. Along with its extreme agility, allowing higher imaging capacity per pass, the EROS-C is a truly powerful intelligence collection asset.

EROS-C, the newest member of the EROS-NG™ constellation, is a high-performance, cutting edge, ultra-high-resolution EO satellite. It is a military-grade, proven and mature platform, enabling defense and intelligence organizations to conduct operations under complete confidentiality and data protection, as well as independent mission execution, with no preemption / shutter control.

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Imaging Modes Spot, strip, mosaic, stereoscopics
Resolution 38 cm
Spectral Bands 450÷900 nm
Swath 12.5 km
Weight 400 kg


  • 38 cm resolution \ 76 cm Multi Spectral resolution

  • Unmatched revisit & diversified imaging time

  • Unique Wide Scan capability

  • Ultimate Confidentiality & security

  • No preemption \ shutter control