We have space for some extremely talented minds
AI algorithm researcher2020-12-28T12:07:02+00:00

we are looking for a talented and experienced AI Researcher

Our growing Research and Innovation team is expanding and we are looking for a talented and experienced AI Researcher. It’s a very interesting position!! We publish articles for journals and conferences.

  • Phd / M. Sc in EE/CS or related field.
  • Highly capable candidates with B.Sc and rich experience will also be considered.
  • At least 2 years of industry experience developing Optimization / Data Mining / Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Strong programming skills.
Advantages are experience in the fields of:
  • Multi agent simulation
  • Python
  • Deep Learning
  • Behavior analysis and prediction
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Markov chain
  • Game theory
  • Satellite / Space domain knowledge
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Software Engineer2020-08-13T09:23:19+00:00

We’re looking for a software engineer to join our development team.

  • Develop our next generation systems to integrate new satellites and capabilities to our ground system
  • Research new technologies and solutions for our next generation systems
  • Analyze and solve difficult problems across the system, working closely with our system engineers
Required Skills
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science/Software Engineering/Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum 2 years of experience as a Full Stack Developer (Web & Server side (.Net))
  • Proficiency .Net Technologies, web services standards and related technologies (e.g. REST, JSON, Websocket)
  • Demonstrated experience with multi-tier web services development
  • Familiarity with Web frontend development (HTML5, CSS3, JS; frameworks such as AngularJS, React or others – advantage)
  • Strong OO design and coding skills
  • Technology enthusiast
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Desire to work in a team-oriented, collaborative environment; self-motivated
Desired Skills
  • Experience with C and C++
  • Experience of relational and NoSQL databases
  • Familiarity with automatic testing and CI tools
  • Experience developing GIS Systems
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Computer Vision Researcher2020-12-28T12:07:41+00:00

We are looking for an outstanding computer vision researcher

Our  growing  Research  and  innovation  group  is  expending  and  we  are  looking  for  an  outstanding  computer  vision  researcher.We  write  articles  and  participate  in  top  conferences.

Job  Requirements:
  • B  Sc  in  EE\CS  with  high  GPA. M Sc/  Phd  has  a  big  advantage
  •  At  least  2  years  of  experience  developing  algorithm  in  Machine  Learning  and  Computer  Vision,  including  experience  with  Deep  Learning
  •  Strong  programming  skills  in  Python/Matlab/R/C++
Advantage – Experience  in  the  fields  of:
  •  Signal  Processing
  •  Remote Sensing,  GIS, Space/Satellites
  •  SAR  Image  processing
  •  Time  Series  Analysis
  •  Maritime  Navigation
  •  Data  Mining
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System Engineer2020-12-28T12:09:08+00:00

We are looking for a top-notch system engineer to join our R&D team.

If you are passionate about space and satellites, If you want to design the future of Israel’s civilian space industry, If you are a team player with extraordinary analytical skills,

    you belong with us!
Job Requirements:
  • B.Sc. EE/CS/Physics with outstanding academic records
  • C/C#/Python/Matlab programming skills
  • Experience with operating/developing complex technological systems
  • 3+ years of industry experience*
  • M.Sc. / PhD exact sciences
  • Familiarity with space vehicles
  • Experience with STK

*Excellent graduates may send their CV

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Electro-Optical Engineer2020-08-13T09:22:33+00:00

We are looking for an experienced and bright Electro-Optical Engineer to join our development team.

  • Take part in developing the next generation space based remote sensing payload
  • Leading a cutting-edge remote sensing R&D projects prom inception to demonstration
  • Plan, design and execute in-depth EO payload performance evaluation tests
  • Operate and coordinate multiple international sub-contractors
Required Skills
  • M.Sc. in Physics / Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum 2 years of practical experience in design, characterization and implementation of a complex electro-optic system
  • In-depth understanding of electro-optic remote sensing theorem and practice
  • Innovative and creative
  • Technology enthusiast
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Desire to work in a team-oriented, collaborative environment; self-motivated
  • PhD exact sciences
  • Familiarity with space based remote sensing
  • Experience with ZEMAX & MODTRAN
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Data Engineer2020-12-28T12:05:17+00:00

We are looking for a savvy Data Engineer with 5 -10 years of experience to join our growing team of analytics experts.


  • Create and maintain optimal and scalable databases & data pipeline architectures
  • Perform optimal extraction, transformation, and loading of data from a wide variety of data sources using SQL and AWS ‘big data’ technologies.
  • Keep our data separated and secure across national boundaries through multiple data centers and AWS regions.
  • Work with data and analytics experts to strive for greater functionality in our data systems.

Job Requirements:

  • B.S. in Computer Science, similar technical field or equivalent experience

Skills Highly Preferred:

  • Experience with relational SQL and NoSQL databases, including MySQL, Postgres and Elasticsearch.
  • Experience with data pipelines and workflow management tools: Nifi, Luigi, Airflow, etc.
  • Experience with AWS cloud services: VPC, EC2, S3, RDS, ECR, ECS
  • Strong Python, Java, Scala, etc.
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MLOPs Developer2020-12-28T12:04:33+00:00

MLOps Engineer with 3-6 years of experience who will be responsible for taking Data Science models and scaling them out to production by creating DevOps pipelines that automate the data collection, prep, transform, analyze, experiment, train, validate, serve and monitor stages.


  • Design, build and orchestrate ML CI/CD (model, data, code).
  • Manage the ML lifecycle, including model deployment, data governance, and monitoring of metrics.
  • Increase automation and improve the quality of ML production while meeting business and regulatory requirements.

Job Requirements:

  • B.S. in Computer Science, similar technical field or equivalent experience

Skills Highly Preferred:

  • Strong DevOps, data engineering and ML background with AWS
  • Experience in Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, Jenkins, and Data Version Control (DVC).
  • Strong Python, Java, and GO skills.
  • Experience with one or more of ML platforms: SageMaker, Kubeflow, MLFlow, Pachyderm.
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