Space Based Wide Area Persistent Surveillance

Global network of satellites completing your mission

iSi is leading the way to the new space realm by creating a global network of satellites for hermetic coverage of earth geo-locations and frequent revisits.

iSi’s satellite constellation combines cutting edge services and multiple benefits for both military and commercial interests. It includes unparalleled intelligence, detection of abnormalities in real time, and identifying change in short timeframes.

Space-Based Persistent Surveillance can be a part of your on-going partnership with us or delivered through a complete space independent program we execute together and on your behalf.


A Game Changing Platform

Homeland Security

Urban development

Policy adherence

Environmental supervision

Commercial intelligence


Innovation-focused, technology-driven

Creating new opportunities in space requires strong technology, deep expertise, trust and the ability to offer pivotal services in all surrounding areas.

As a global pioneer of space commercial exploration and a leading Israeli innovator, iSi profess longstanding track record in installations and services, and the credentials to serve as your trusted partner in New Space planning and delivery.  


Enveloping New Space Capabilities
  • New space earth observation constellation of micro satellites with various payloads

  • A network of ground reception stations support rapid download of satellite data and fast turnaround

  • State of the art software for extracting valuable insights from huge amounts of data



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