Intelligence Reports

Mastering big data to provide huge insights

iSi harnesses superior data collection techniques and analysis to deliver comprehensive intelligent reports. Combining data from numerous sources, our reports dig deep on select intelligence, HLS and economics-related topics to help decision makers and NGAs drive strategy with actionable insights.


iSi’s concise ground reports help our clients monitor border areas, detect unrest and suspicious activities and identify economic, civil and environment phenomenon.

All reports draw from iSi’s superior satellite imagery, powerful image processing tools and experienced team of talented analysts, to provide information that is extremely accurate, detailed and validated. Pixel-level geospatial information is combined with selected open source research to reflect “on the ground” reality.


Get the information you need, immediately:


Glance Look

A Quick and valuable first-phase IMINT insight within 48-72 hours. An imagery-based assessment supported with relevant OSINT data for rapidly negotiating emerging “here and now” events or activities. Reports may include change analysis, within a closely defined geographic area.

GEOINT Analysis

In-depth report delivered within 96 hours. Imagery and supportive data provide a deeper understanding of specific events or areas of interest and cast additional situational context.

Theme GEOINT Analysis

A comprehensive report based on wide imagery analysis and supportive information provides the full picture on issues pertaining to security, conflict or economic issues. Additional insights include change analysis, trends, forecasts and assessments. Reports can be further customized to client specifications or delivered as a part of an ongoing reporting series.




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