Geospatial Intelligence Analysts Training services

Helping teams derive sharper insights

Boost your team’s proficiency in data collection, analysis and dissemination with hands-on training by the best in the industry.


Our intelligence analysts training offers access to iSi’s second-to-none expertise in processing geospatial information and military intelligence. This combined focus enables HLS forces to supercharge their capabilities across all the major disciplines of intelligence.


Methodologic yet flexible learning

ISI offer courses, workshops and seminars on intelligence subjects customized to our clients’ specific needs. Each course is coordinated and developed in close partnership with you to deliver a highly tailored program that applies our unique areas of expertise to your organizational requirements. Courses and training sessions are available at the ISI intelligence center in Israel or at your facilities’ location.


Topics Covered:


  • Response for organizational requirements (PIR)

  • Concepts, disciplines and planning

  • IMINT (EO, IR, SAR, Video) exploitation centers and system structures, processes and products

  • Knowledge management

  • OSINT and Data-mining

  • Intelligence fundamentals

  • Creating a “common language”: basic subjects, terms, procedures, different intelligence factors

  • The intelligence process (intelligence cycle)

  • Operational intelligence

  • Low intensity conflict (Homeland Security, combating terror, insurgencies)

  • Contending with challenges in modern analysis such as deception, fraud and distinguishing between relevant and innocent “targets”

  • Intelligence research tools and methodology

  • Misperception and cognitive biases

    • Writing and briefings

    • Delivering intelligence at the tactical and operative level

    • Strategic intelligence for decision makers



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