Geo-Economics – Geospatial & Imagery Solutions

Add a new edge to your analysis


Add a new perspective to your cumulative intelligence, by combining accurate high resolution satellite imagery and open source research.


iSi  Geo-Economic intelligence services provide research institutes, analysts, corporates and governments with comprehensive business reports based on sophisticated, diverse and quality data channels.


Harnessing our superior satellite imagery, powerful image processing tools and experienced team of talented analysts, we integrate pixel-level geospatial information with open source research to deliver a wider, better detailed and close-to-reality insights and reports.


What is the contribution of satellite imagery?

Combining the physical dimension with additional research methods can help in identifying industries trends, detect competitors’ moves, watch retailers’ turnaround, witness consumer shopping habits and preferences, and much more. Our automatic tools for counting of specific objects provide you with current snap-shot or an on-going process. They can be restrained to a specific area, dominate regions or countries, be dedicated to a specific segment or depict a recurring phenomenon.


  • Monitor economic and behavioral activity

  • Verify known trends and spot anomalies

  • Cross-check and validate information

  • Direct research to a new area of interest

The things we see from above:

Physical expansion

Equipment location

Inventory levels

Expected agriculture crop yield

Mining activity

Urban trends

Gas & oil monitoring



State of the art technology –

Around the globe, around the clock


iSi’s quality imagery and highly efficient proprietary image processing can detect and factor practically any object, exclusively offering 24 hours imagery intelligence – daytime and nighttime.

As pioneers with over 17 years of experience in operating satellites and providing geospatial intelligence to leading agencies worldwide, iSi  transforms data into knowledge and knowledge into valid insights with the most up-to-date business.





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