Premium Services

Your secure private channel to earth imagery

iSi’s Premium Services designates the EROS-B very high resolution earth image to a client’s domain, providing the benefit of full autonomy, confidentiality and exclusivity.

Capable of providing a detailed picture of security and intelligence issues of national and global importance, Premium services are delivered via long-term contracts, tailored to clients’ needs and facilities.


Real Time Data Download

iSi allows clients to receive live Satellite Imagery directly to their ground receiving station. Real Time Data Download is enabled by installing a ground receiving station on the client’s site, or by upgrading an existing one to comply with processing demands. Clients are entitled to Priority Acquisition Service (PAS) for high priority satellite tasking under which iSi will task the satellite to image the areas of interest and transmit the imagery to the client’s ground receiving station.


Autonomous Mission Planning

Premium clients are supplied with the EROS Mission Planning System (MPS) to perform autonomous mission planning locally on their site. Mission planning files are sent to iSi’s main ground control station, for upload to the satellite.

For clients with a ground receiving station and the Autonomous Mission Planning capabilities, we offer the Exclusive Pass on Demand (EPOD) service, which enables clients to choose the relevant passes on a weekly basis. The satellite will acquire the images and downlink them to the client’s ground receiving station in real-time.


Autonomous Tasking

iSi allows clients to transmit satellite tasking commands directly from their ground station. This highly premium service is offered through two contract plan options: Exclusive Pass on Demand (EPOD) or Satellite Operating Partner (SOP).

EPOD clients choose their passes in an agreed upon footprint on a weekly basis, and are then responsible for creating and transmitting the mission planning files to the satellite – all done autonomously.

A SOP client receives all available passes in the agreed upon footprint up front, and is given full exclusivity to use the full capacity of the satellite as if he owns it for the agreed upon footprint.




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