VHR Satellites Services

Creating Very High Resolution Possibilities

Very High Resolution (VHR) Satellite Imagery offers sub-meter resolution – one of the highest image qualities currently available from commercial remote sensing satellites.

iSi’s very highest resolution (VHR) earth observation satellites are a key asset in our remote sensing capabilities. The highly maneuverable low earth orbiting satellites are noted for its quality, versatility and accessibility.

Our imagery is used by customers worldwide for a wide range of national security and civilian applications. Among the most common applications are strategic and tactical Intelligence, counter terrorism, counter drug trafficking, GIS mapping, change detection and various types of surveillance and monitoring, including maritime monitoring, border control and national infrastructure.


Precision at your Disposal


Sub-meter (VHR) resolution satellites offer users a smaller ground sampling distance (GSD) than other imaging satellites, making them more suitable for reliable natural or man-made, objects and landscapes observation, site monitoring, object identification and many other tasks requiring precision data.

Among its many advantages, VHR images enable the identification of specific models of vehicles, vessels and airplanes, as well as the monitoring of structural changes, natural disasters, industrial operations and livestock. This versatility makes EROS imagery a powerful resource for both civilian and military needs.



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