New Space – Earth Observation Satellite Constellation

Rethinking Space Constellation

iSi’s NewSpace program is bringing forth revolutionary operational and business models: small, low-cost and high resolution satellites assembled within a matter of months to offer unprecedented benefits.
• Tailored orbits to obtain optimal revisits
• Advanced launch solutions to reduce price
• Cost-effective satellite services
• Payload of choice


A constellation of several small-form satellites attends a client’s mission with tighter persistence surveillance, global coverage and low latency, and in a fraction of what traditional services costs.

The Constellation provides robust datasets. It covers a wide area to supply the latest accurate and reliable information to help you make the right decisions.


Orchestrating the Power of the Mass

The total performance achieved by the constellation lies in synchronized tasking and the ability to process tremendous volumes of data.
iSi’s complementary services bring satellite and data orchestration to the highest level, allowing you to get the most out of the satellite data you receive; and our world-class Intelligence and analysis team will work with you to translate this into meaningful and actionable information.


A Space to Discover

Harnessed long-term experience for smoothly navigating the NewSpace market to develop new concepts and models:
• Commercialization of space products– customer-facing
• Knowledge-based solutions
• Complete business solution integration
• Expedited technology refreshment cycles
• Open source community
• Tailored solutions for each customer
• Professional services and expertise




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