Data Analysis

Turning data into meaning

Huge geospatial coverage, very high resolution detailing and integration of multiple data sources: AIS signals, EO satellites imagery, SAR satellites imagery, social network, hyperspectral data and more.

iSi applies state of the art technology to analyze “Data tsunami” and turn this confluence of channels into meaningful information.


State of the Art Technology

80% of global information volume is location related and geospatial data analysis is at the front line of big data manipulation.
iSi Intelligence systems and analyst teams incorporate Big Data behavioral analysis and prediction algorithms including machine learning algorithms, and statistical, spatial, and multi agent system analysis. These platform solutions provide decision makers, strategic planners and operational staff the tools to understand and act upon their reality better.


Data Analysis applications

Automatic analysis
Predicative Analysis
Trends identification
Anomaly detection
Multi-entities object specification
Macro organism behaviors




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