ISI reveals Russian Iskander missiles deployment in Syria

January 5, 2017

Satellite Imagery analysis by iSi intelligence experts reveals deployment of

Iskandar (SS-26 “Stone”) advanced missile system vehicles as a part of the

Russian deployment at Latakia airbase in Syria.




iSi EROS B very high resolution satellite imagery, captured on 28 December, is the first visual evidence of the system presence in Syria.

Two Iskandar Vehicles are clearly visible at a logistic site beside the north eastern part of the runway. Those two elements are

most probably SS-26 Trans Loading vehicles (Transloaders).


This revelation approves several unconfirmed reports of the Iskandar presence in Syria and uncovers the system’s deployment site.




iSi experts’ assumption is that the system is routinely deployed under camouflage nets at a nearby unpaved compound.
Most probably, heavy rain and floods forced the re-deployment of those two elements to the location in which they were revealed by iSi analysts.

Further analysis uncovered two additional elements covered by camouflage nets deployed at the compound, which are most probably a part

of the Iskandar system.







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