Company History

July 2020


Discount Capital,  a wholly-owned subsidiary of Discount Bank, serving as the bank’s investments & investment banking arm, joins existing shareholders, FIMI opportunity funds, and IAI (Israeli Aerospace Industries).

The funding raised shall be utilized for further enhancing the EROS Next Generation™ ultra-high resolution satellites constellation and in expanding research and development activities in New-Space satellite solutions and AI based analytics.

September 2019

ISI line of Defense & Intelligence oriented Satellites

Setting a new standard in the earth observation market by introducing an innovative line of Defense & Intelligence oriented Satellites. We leveraged the huge technological leap in small satellites and new-space technology and adjusted it to the demanding operational requirements of defense and intelligence customers, thus creating a unique working point of affordable high-performance intelligence oriented satellite systems.

March 2018

EROS NG constellation

The EROS NG constellation is unveiled.

An ultra-high resolution, high revisit, strategic constellation of 3 electro optic and 2 SAR, military grade satellites, introducing unrivalled revisit and unprecedented image quality, designed to cope with the most demanding operational challenges our mission partners are facing.


November 2017

FIMI takes over

FIMI Opportunities Fund (FIMI), the leading private equity firm in Israel with more than $5.5 billion in assets under management, takes over 53.6% of ISI’s shares as part of a $40,000,000 investment round.

December 2016

Forming of Analytical Solution Division

A separate analytical solution division was formed in order to support the new company’s strategy to drive innovation and enhance the intelligence services provided by the company.

July 2015

ISI Rebranded

ImageSat international rebrands as ISI.

Change of company leadership team drives adjustment of company strategy, expanding the company’s portfolio to the domains of design and development of holistic operational solutions involving satellite systems, ground-based command & control systems and AI based intelligence solutions.

April 2006

Launch of EROS-B

EROS B, our second commercial earth observation satellite, which was launched on April 5 2006 from Svobondy Launch Complex in eastern Siberia into SSO orbit.
With its 70 cm high resolution imagery, EROS B has monitored practically every meaningful event that occurred ever since.

January 2001

Introducing Direct Tasking model

Setting new standards for commercial reconnaissance satellites with the initiation of the world’s first commercial satellite. This included a direct tasking ground control station with one of our leading international customers, a world’s leading intelligence agency.
By the end of 2001 we had successfully deployed 5 additional ground stations.

December 2000

Launch of EROS-A

EROS A, the world’s second commercial earth observation satellite, was launched on December 5 2000 from Svobondy Launch Complex in eastern Siberia into SSO orbit.
EROS A was providing valuable intelligence services to some of the leading Defense & Intelligence organizations for more than 15 years.

May 1997

ImageSat International established

ImageSat International N.V. established as an independent company with the goal of commercializing the technology and operational experience of the Israeli Space industry.