Browse the Globe 

iSi  provides you with  access to the complete Eros-B archive of imagery. This data provides a comprehensive collection of imagery from around the globe that was collected by the Eros B satellite since 2010

The archive is updated on a weekly basis.

To view the catalogue:

–   Viewing the catalogue requires Google Earth. If you don’t have it installed on your computer, please  download.

–   Click here to download Eros-B catalogue of 2010-2016.

How to use the catalogue?

1. Zoom in to your area of interest.

2. Click on the camera icon on the upper right side of the image footprint.  The following  window will be opened:



 3. Click  ”Preview overlay” to view the quick look image on the Google Earth background.

4. Click “Preview on browser” to view the  quick look image with the browser.

5. Click “Buy Satellite Imagery” at the Contact section if you wish to order or  to  send an inquiry to iSi.


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