The future can’t be foreseen, but we are here to help you prepare for it

We are a global leader in end-to-end geospatial solutions. Our solutions help our clients obtain high resolution satellite earth imagery, conduct viable data analysis and gain actionable insights, to better understand and act upon their geo-political, environmental and economic realities.

With over 20 years experience in space imagery production and analytics, innovative technology and a multi-source data acquisition network, we deliver high quality data, reports and research insights.

Your decision making partner

iSi  helps clients protect their territories and national interests, manage natural resources, monitor environmental occurrences and improve planning and execution of large scale projects. We take pride in our personnel, incorporating seasoned and exceptionally talented Israeli intelligence forces alumni, academic researchers, mathematicians and engineers with deep expertise and profound knowledge in their respective verticals.
Our offerings span ongoing earth imagery tasking, real time satellite transmissions, mission-critical intelligence, exclusive periodic reports and turnkey ground station installation.
In our unique position as an independent operator, iSi  is committed to our clients’ privacy. Our global distribution network allows us to deliver the big picture, along with the small yet meaningful details to provide the whole story.

Constant innovation

We believe that innovation is a mix of ongoing attention to our clients’ needs and our drive to question the unquestionable.
We work in cooperation with global network of peers, academic institutes and startups in the field of space, geo information and augmented reality. Together we strive to deliver groundbreaking technologies, expanding our capabilities and improve existing ones.

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